How The Companies And Contractors Got Scammed, Too

Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, Barbara Colliton, et. al. are masters and scamming and fraud. Their modus operandi is, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

They contact people and contract them to do a job, and then it gets more complicated. All the while people are waiting to get paid.

Imagine this scenario:

You are a landscaper. A new client calls you and requests you mow their lawn. You do your job, and do it well. You go to the door to receive your payment. When the customer answers the door, they praise your work and ask if you would prune the tree. “Great!” you think, that is another $80.” So you prune the tree, and once again go back to the door for payment. The customer points to several plants and asks you to plant the flower beds. Time after time you go back to the door and each time another request is made for more work. Soon your bill us up to thousands of dollars. The last time you knock on the door, nobody is home. You have effectively worked for several days to make a beautiful yard for no pay, and, in the meantime, your paying customers suffered.

That his how Charles Clifton works. He hires contractors to do work for him, and then as the bill gets too high, and the promises cannot be met, he skips out on them, just like he did with the sales of products that never existed.

We have seen on some online forums where a certain contractor who had never even visited in person or met Charles Clifton was bashed simply because they had an association and did graphics work and marketing materials for Round Rock Ordnance.  That contractor had no way of knowing that the BCGs were not in production, all he could go by was the word of Charles Clifton over the phone and through email.  All in all, that contractor got sold a promise to pay, that was never delivered on. In for a penny, in for a pound.

There are other contractors that this has happened to over the years with Charles Clifton and all of his several companies/scams.

Remember folks, when you get out your pitchforks, make sure you point them in the right direction. Unless you had ever visited their shops in person, like the contractor in the affidavit here, there was no way that you would ever know.

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