And The Finger Pointing Starts Against The Contractors

Charles Clifton of the now infamous Red Rock Ordnance has started his campaign of “it’s everyone else’s fault!”

He has accused one of his contractors of doing illegal activities on his shared hosting Go-Daddy services, so he had to “fire them”.

That, in fact, is not the case. Please see the following email, dated April 13, 2013:

After deliberation, it has been determined that neither myself, Bickel Sandhu Consulting, nor Bickel Enterprises can continue to provide services to Red Rock Ordinance, though we all wish you the best of luck on your continued endeavors.

This is the email that the contractor sent to Charles Clifton today:


  As you appear to be unavailable to be served, I am forced to notify you via email in hopes that you will take the precautions necessary to mitigate your circumstances. Continuing to accuse me or any of my companies of criminal acts so you can save face in your obvious fraud is unacceptable. For instance, you have been telling people that you fired me for using your hosting for illegal activities. As we both know that I in fact terminated our agreement, and I have a call recording of the details of why, I believe that this is a clear cut case of libel/slander. Also, since you haven’t paid your bill, I am informing you that you do not have permission to use BSC’s CAD file for the Bolt Carrier assembly in your productions endeavors.
Have a better day.
What can be learned from this?
  • Don’t lie about your contractors.
  • There appears to be some recordings in the wild.
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