Current Personal Information Re: Charles Clifton – Do or Don’t? (And More)

We do have the most current information regarding Charles Clifton and Red Rock Ordnance. We are not hiding it from you, but it will not be published here. There are a few reasons why:

– For us, this was never about a witch hunt. This was about gathering information and providing it for you so that nobody else would fall victim to a scam. It was also a means to help you get your money back through civil means.

– By contacting these people personally, you help ensure that others cannot contact them, i.e. law enforcement.

Rest assured folks, law enforcement is involved. You may not see it, but they are. Inundating law enforcement with a ton of calls (there are a lot of you who got hit by this scam) only hinders what limited man hours and small budgets they have. We are not telling you not to file a report, but we are hoping that you will bide your time, and be those voices in court.

We feel your best bet is to contact PayPal or your bank, get your money back, and then watch the rest of the “show” unfold.

Now to answer a few questions we have seen, which may, or may not be voiced by fan-boys of Red Rock Ordnance:

How did we get your email? Simple, it is public record. There is a current civil lawsuit in Texas, which your information was included in.

Was any information, such as your credit cards, compromised? Not to our knowledge, and, if so, not by us.

Who are we? A loosely associated group of investigative journalists. Next week, we will most likely have a new blog on another subject of fraud. This blog will stay up so that anyone who researches will be able to find information. It will be updated with current information as we receive it.

We do not receive any compensation for what we do, nor will we accept offers for anything unless it is help in gathering and disseminating information. The one thing we ask is that, if you want to, and in this matter, give back by donation to a children’s charity of your choice. fell victim, as you see from our previous posts. Five or ten dollars to a charity may not seem like much to you, but can mean a lot to them.

This community has been wonderful to work with, and we look forward to continuing our part of bringing you information. You are passionate about guns. Not everyone in our current group is. For us, it is not pro-gun or anti-gun, it is only exposing what we feel is fraud.

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2 Responses to Current Personal Information Re: Charles Clifton – Do or Don’t? (And More)

  1. Thomas Cook says:

    PayPal is not being very cooperative due to the 45 day limit of their liability clause

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