Another Lawsuit in Texas for Red Rock Ordnance

There is a case in Bastrop County, Texas, regarding the monies received by Charles Clifton. We will try to provide a narrative to what some of this means.

Please understand that we have given you, and will continue to give you, a way to find this information for yourself. However, we will redact names at times because this blog is not about anyone other than Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, @RedRockOrd, and those who defrauded around 2,000 people this time around.

Below you will see a print screen from Bastrop County Court. Commentary will follow:


Charles Clifton filed a claim against his venture capitalist (VC) stating that it was the VC’s fault that they could not produce the product that Red Rock Ordnance received customer funds for. This came after the VC tried to protect their interest for the funds already provided, and the VC had no power over.

A restraining order was filed in the case against the VC. However, Charles Clifton failed to appear at the hearing, and the restraining order was dismissed. The case itself remains open at this time, but there is no restraining order against the VC.

The VC then counterclaimed and filed their own restraining order, which hearing will be held on May 22, 2013. Once the hearing has been held, we will contact the court and let you know the outcome.

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2 Responses to Another Lawsuit in Texas for Red Rock Ordnance

  1. Danny Kelso says:

    I paid through them PayPal in January, 2013 for product never received. I would be interested in followin up on this.

  2. Stuart Wegenka says:

    I paid as well and never have recieved any word. Please send me any updates into this lawsuit. Thank you.

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