Quick! Hide The Evidence!

Yesterday Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, @RedRockOrd went black. Their explanation on FaceBook was:

Red Rock Ordnance Our website is down at the advice of our ISP and the authorities. Our Facebook page will be temp offline shortly (as advised).

That is right, they were not hacked. They took it down themselves.

This means that all of your orders in the database were removed. They could have just parked their page. Here is a screenshot of their website information:


Someone getting their refund from PayPal had this to say regarding what was told from Paypal:

She said they had called RRO and RRO would not provide any information over the phone because of a pending FBI investigation. I don’t doubt that could be true.

We don’t doubt it either. However, you can imagine that Charles Clifton thinks that the FBI is working in his favor, and not yours.  Then again, how many FBI offices do you know that are open on a Saturday night?

And, by request, this is for you Charles Clifton, Barbara Colliton and Red Rock Ordnance:

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13 Responses to Quick! Hide The Evidence!

  1. satterwc says:

    I am hosed on the three BCGs I had on order. PayPal denied my claim since it was more than 45 days. I didn’t even get a kiss on the cheek.

    • Call PayPal personally. Other people are having good response when they call and claim fraud.

    • Been Taken says:

      I too feel the anger from this. I ordered 4 BCG’s back in April, PayPal refused my claim because pass the 45 day mark. I have contacted CC and hoping to get my money back.
      I called the Texas Attorney Generals office, will be making more calls in the morning.

  2. I was told to claim it through my credit card/bank and that would force the issue. Plus they know something is going on with seller from the amount of claims and are looking into it. What that means I don’t know. Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed. On a side note anyone know where I could purchase a BGC of similar specs from? Reputable seller of course lol. I laugh to keep from being upset.

  3. Spencer says:

    I was beyond the 45 days by a month and filed a dispute which was closed an hour later after opening it beyond the 45 days but two days later reopened by PayPal and gave them 10 days/ until today to respond when I actually called PayPal and it was overturned in my favor and I’m getting my money back after I mentioned they closed there account and removed there Facebook page. I’m still angry with the time and patience wasted on these assholes. Totally would love to prank call them all night long until they get new number find it out and do it all over again. What makes me feel alittle better was getting my money back and just thinking of all the fan boys on RRO’s Facebook defending there actions will be the reason almost everyone smart enough to file a dispute will get there $ back since the fan boys will still be defending RRO into 2014.

  4. Joseph Vender says:

    I called Paypal and my bank yesterday the 19th and filed a claim with both…received my money today…this guy should be hung by his nuts…if he’s got any…good luck guys and thanks

    • Been Taken says:

      when did you place your order? When I called PayPal they said I was past the 45 day, I have been in contact with CC and awaiting

      • Joseph Vender says:

        I ordered mine on march 7th….well past 45 days so I don’t know what the criteria at Paypal is at all…either way i would think your credit card would cover you…unauthorized charge or you didn’t receive the product that you paid for…either one my bank considers fraud/criminal…if my bank or cc company wouldnt cover something like that, I would be closing accounts and switching banks…good luck

  5. Joseph Vender says:

    Ultimately Paypal is responsible I believe…they are not supposed to release funds until the product is shipped if i understand it correctly…could be wrong tho…I would think this would happen alot more if they released funds to someone who hasnt released or never planned to ship a product from the start…sounds like easy money to me…

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