Time to Start Tracking the Money of Charles Clifton and Red Rock Ordnance @RedRockOrd

There are several places and accounts that the money that you have paid to these not-so upstanding citizens has gone. Most of it has gone to the pockets of Charles Clifton himself. Below is the trail of companies that were registered in Charles Clifton’s name, as well as those of his wife, Barbara Colliton (Clifton). Take special note of Red Rock Armory LLC.

Clifton Scan LLC Filings

Clifton Background Scan Former and Current Companies

Remember folks, if you sue, you will need to tell your counsel about these companies, too, since they were used to defraud you and hide the money.

In a future post, we will explain why a certain financial institution may be on the hook to refund your money, so there may be hope for some of you.

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3 Responses to Time to Start Tracking the Money of Charles Clifton and Red Rock Ordnance @RedRockOrd

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  2. James Getford says:

    I ordered a BCG in February, they took the $187.00 out of my account but I did not receive my BCG!!!! And now their web site is gone and their Facebook page. I am a Deputy Sheriff in Florida and I have never been scammed purchasing gun parts online, and I’m pissed off about it!!!! I hope someone with money sues the crap out of the owner of this so called company!!! Did anyone get a BCG from this company??? Please help $ 187.00 to me is alot of money on my salary.

    • Contact your credit card company and let them know that they took your money fraudulently. Explain that there is a case open with the Texas Attorney General’s office and Bastrop County Texas Sheriff’s Office under case number #13-S-002525. Have them Google Red Rock Ordnance Fraud. That should be enough for you to get your money back.

      Unfortunately, there is no money left. There are plenty of lawsuits, but no money to cover them. The banks and PayPal will go after them, and the criminal should be enough. Also, the feds are investigating. Be firm with the credit card company, escalate if needed.

      RRO/Clifton’s packed up shop and home and disappeared. Hopefully the people tracking them will know where they went. .

      Good luck Deputy.

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