Just A Teaser Re Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, @RedRockOrd

Sorry folks, we can only give a teaser, because we only give out public information pursuant to our own ethics. Until we can confirm this document, we cannot release the full thing. Until then, take it at face value:

Neither Charles Clifton nor Red Rock Ordnance LLC have sufficient capacity to pay the amounts owed to REDACTED for the funds advanced for the purchase of the equipment made the subject of matter of this lawsuit. Unless Charles Clifton and Red Rock Ordnance LLC are restrained from selling, encumbering  removing from Bastop County, destruction or concealing all equipment purchased with funds of REDACTED, REDACTED will be irreparably injured in that property owned by it and property that it has inequitable lien on will in all probability be sold to third parties, concealed, removed from the state or damaged, given the desire of Charles Clifton to use the equipment to gain leverage over REDACTED.

We do have the entire document, but, unfortunately, confirmation is not in yet. Once it is, the entire document will be posted.

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