And The Finger Pointing Starts Against The Contractors

Charles Clifton of the now infamous Red Rock Ordnance has started his campaign of “it’s everyone else’s fault!”

He has accused one of his contractors of doing illegal activities on his shared hosting Go-Daddy services, so he had to “fire them”.

That, in fact, is not the case. Please see the following email, dated April 13, 2013:

After deliberation, it has been determined that neither myself, Bickel Sandhu Consulting, nor Bickel Enterprises can continue to provide services to Red Rock Ordinance, though we all wish you the best of luck on your continued endeavors.

This is the email that the contractor sent to Charles Clifton today:


  As you appear to be unavailable to be served, I am forced to notify you via email in hopes that you will take the precautions necessary to mitigate your circumstances. Continuing to accuse me or any of my companies of criminal acts so you can save face in your obvious fraud is unacceptable. For instance, you have been telling people that you fired me for using your hosting for illegal activities. As we both know that I in fact terminated our agreement, and I have a call recording of the details of why, I believe that this is a clear cut case of libel/slander. Also, since you haven’t paid your bill, I am informing you that you do not have permission to use BSC’s CAD file for the Bolt Carrier assembly in your productions endeavors.
Have a better day.
What can be learned from this?
  • Don’t lie about your contractors.
  • There appears to be some recordings in the wild.
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How The Companies And Contractors Got Scammed, Too

Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, Barbara Colliton, et. al. are masters and scamming and fraud. Their modus operandi is, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

They contact people and contract them to do a job, and then it gets more complicated. All the while people are waiting to get paid.

Imagine this scenario:

You are a landscaper. A new client calls you and requests you mow their lawn. You do your job, and do it well. You go to the door to receive your payment. When the customer answers the door, they praise your work and ask if you would prune the tree. “Great!” you think, that is another $80.” So you prune the tree, and once again go back to the door for payment. The customer points to several plants and asks you to plant the flower beds. Time after time you go back to the door and each time another request is made for more work. Soon your bill us up to thousands of dollars. The last time you knock on the door, nobody is home. You have effectively worked for several days to make a beautiful yard for no pay, and, in the meantime, your paying customers suffered.

That his how Charles Clifton works. He hires contractors to do work for him, and then as the bill gets too high, and the promises cannot be met, he skips out on them, just like he did with the sales of products that never existed.

We have seen on some online forums where a certain contractor who had never even visited in person or met Charles Clifton was bashed simply because they had an association and did graphics work and marketing materials for Round Rock Ordnance.  That contractor had no way of knowing that the BCGs were not in production, all he could go by was the word of Charles Clifton over the phone and through email.  All in all, that contractor got sold a promise to pay, that was never delivered on. In for a penny, in for a pound.

There are other contractors that this has happened to over the years with Charles Clifton and all of his several companies/scams.

Remember folks, when you get out your pitchforks, make sure you point them in the right direction. Unless you had ever visited their shops in person, like the contractor in the affidavit here, there was no way that you would ever know.

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The Latest Court Documents From Texas



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Court Today

A call to the courthouse in Bastrop will confirm that court did not happen today. However, that does not mean there was not progress.

A stipulation was signed, and VC is now in control of certain properties (if they can find them).  Once the documents are brought online, we will post them.

05/22/2013 Temporary Restraining Order  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Corbett, Reva Towslee)
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More Hiring Out For Altered Pictures

Charles Clifton, Red Rock Ordnance, @RedRockOrd has piqued your interest in the altered pictures they have provided you. Here is yet another “Photoshop photo creation” they used to get falsified images that they posted on their FaceBook page. Some information has been redacted, but only to protect the person who fell for this scam because they needed $50:


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Using Photoshop Charles Clifton, Red Rock Ordnance, @RedRockOrd?

This is just a temporary blog post until we can get the rest of it out. However, we do find it amazing that the community called out the fake photos, and someone else provided the proof. Please understand, that in order to protect people, we can’t bring you everything.


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Another Lawsuit in Texas for Red Rock Ordnance

There is a case in Bastrop County, Texas, regarding the monies received by Charles Clifton. We will try to provide a narrative to what some of this means.

Please understand that we have given you, and will continue to give you, a way to find this information for yourself. However, we will redact names at times because this blog is not about anyone other than Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, @RedRockOrd, and those who defrauded around 2,000 people this time around.

Below you will see a print screen from Bastrop County Court. Commentary will follow:


Charles Clifton filed a claim against his venture capitalist (VC) stating that it was the VC’s fault that they could not produce the product that Red Rock Ordnance received customer funds for. This came after the VC tried to protect their interest for the funds already provided, and the VC had no power over.

A restraining order was filed in the case against the VC. However, Charles Clifton failed to appear at the hearing, and the restraining order was dismissed. The case itself remains open at this time, but there is no restraining order against the VC.

The VC then counterclaimed and filed their own restraining order, which hearing will be held on May 22, 2013. Once the hearing has been held, we will contact the court and let you know the outcome.

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Charles Clifton Is Supposed To Be In Court Today – Here Is The Information For You

This is a list of the parties from a lawsuit that is going on concurrently. While it has nothing to do with bolt carrier groups, it does show that the Cliftons are even willing to rip off active duty soldiers. Staff Sgt Hyland is a great man who returned to the states after active duty in Afghanistan only to find that the businesses that he was investing in didn’t exist.


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Current Personal Information Re: Charles Clifton – Do or Don’t? (And More)

We do have the most current information regarding Charles Clifton and Red Rock Ordnance. We are not hiding it from you, but it will not be published here. There are a few reasons why:

– For us, this was never about a witch hunt. This was about gathering information and providing it for you so that nobody else would fall victim to a scam. It was also a means to help you get your money back through civil means.

– By contacting these people personally, you help ensure that others cannot contact them, i.e. law enforcement.

Rest assured folks, law enforcement is involved. You may not see it, but they are. Inundating law enforcement with a ton of calls (there are a lot of you who got hit by this scam) only hinders what limited man hours and small budgets they have. We are not telling you not to file a report, but we are hoping that you will bide your time, and be those voices in court.

We feel your best bet is to contact PayPal or your bank, get your money back, and then watch the rest of the “show” unfold.

Now to answer a few questions we have seen, which may, or may not be voiced by fan-boys of Red Rock Ordnance:

How did we get your email? Simple, it is public record. There is a current civil lawsuit in Texas, which your information was included in.

Was any information, such as your credit cards, compromised? Not to our knowledge, and, if so, not by us.

Who are we? A loosely associated group of investigative journalists. Next week, we will most likely have a new blog on another subject of fraud. This blog will stay up so that anyone who researches will be able to find information. It will be updated with current information as we receive it.

We do not receive any compensation for what we do, nor will we accept offers for anything unless it is help in gathering and disseminating information. The one thing we ask is that, if you want to, and in this matter, give back by donation to a children’s charity of your choice. fell victim, as you see from our previous posts. Five or ten dollars to a charity may not seem like much to you, but can mean a lot to them.

This community has been wonderful to work with, and we look forward to continuing our part of bringing you information. You are passionate about guns. Not everyone in our current group is. For us, it is not pro-gun or anti-gun, it is only exposing what we feel is fraud.

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Quick! Hide The Evidence!

Yesterday Red Rock Ordnance, Charles Clifton, @RedRockOrd went black. Their explanation on FaceBook was:

Red Rock Ordnance Our website is down at the advice of our ISP and the authorities. Our Facebook page will be temp offline shortly (as advised).

That is right, they were not hacked. They took it down themselves.

This means that all of your orders in the database were removed. They could have just parked their page. Here is a screenshot of their website information:


Someone getting their refund from PayPal had this to say regarding what was told from Paypal:

She said they had called RRO and RRO would not provide any information over the phone because of a pending FBI investigation. I don’t doubt that could be true.

We don’t doubt it either. However, you can imagine that Charles Clifton thinks that the FBI is working in his favor, and not yours.  Then again, how many FBI offices do you know that are open on a Saturday night?

And, by request, this is for you Charles Clifton, Barbara Colliton and Red Rock Ordnance:

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